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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Help Iranian in IRAN!!

There is several way to help iranian in Iran!! Here is Two method!! The first one for everyone outside Iran, the second one for people inside iran!! share it with ur friends!!!


Twitter is at this moment the main communication medium used by the people of Iran to communicate with each other and with the world. They supply each other with information about time and location of demonstrations and other recent news and info.
The Iranian Fundamentalist Regime is trying to stop this distribution of information by locating the Iranian people who use Twitter. One of their methods is to locate them by checking for Time Zone and Location. A second method is by locating and monitoring the source (the persons who spread the information).

It is up to us to provide the people of Iran with a save environment in which they can provide each other and the world with the most recent and trustworthy news and information.

How can we do this?
1 - Create a Twitter account
2 - Change your Time Zone to "(GMT+03:30) Tehran" and your Location to "Iran". (see the example below)
3 - Spread the information that 'reliable' Twitters provide us with. (be careful of unreliable news spread by the regime thugs pretending to be reliable Twitters!)

This is a way to support the people of Iran who fight for freedom and democracy in Iran! So create the account NOW, time is of the essence!


From sanaz!

Iranians using the internet in Iran are getting tracked down by the government because each time they access the net, they are being tracked by their IP address by the government and at nights they come and hunt down those people for accessing sites like Twitter.

My friend owns He is providing this service for free for Iranians right now. When you download this IPRental software on your computer, you can choose to use an IP address from the United States. Therefore, when an Iranian in Iran access sites or use the net, they dont appear to be doing it from Iran, they appear to be doing it from the U.S. This may save lives. If you go to you will see a section for Iran. How do we get the word out about this to Iranians using the net?

Being able to mask their IP address and use the net from Iran and not be traced will save many many lives, we need to get this out somehow, but i dont know how. Please advise.


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