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Monday, June 22, 2009

June 21!!Protests and clashes in Shiraz and Mashhad

More than 4,000 students and youths in Shiraz on Sunday afternoon protested in Daneshjoo (Elm) Junction and Namazi and Chamran streets. They resisted attacks that ensued by suppressive forces.

People and suppressive forces also clashed in other parts of Shiraz, including Afif-Abad and Motehari.

In Shahcheragh people protested and chanted “Death to the dictator” and “I will kill those who killed my brother”.

Chants by protestors and gun-fire can be heard and pepper spray smoke can be seen in many parts of the city

In Mashhad, on Sunday morning, protestors clashed with suppressive forces and special anti riot forces in Rahnamaii Junction, Taqi-Abad Square and Ahmad-Abad Street. They were protesting against the brutal crackdown that took place on Saturday. Suppressive forces attacked the protestors using water cannons, with high-pressured hot water, and truncheons, injuring a number of people.

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