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Monday, June 22, 2009

Protests and clashes rock Tehran and Mashhad

Protests and clashes rock Tehran and Mashhad
June 22 Tehran, Mashhad!!
Despite the clerical regime’s extensive suppressive measures, a large number of youth carried out protests last night at 21:30 local time in Enghelab Square and Enghelab Street. The protest took place in memory of “Neda,” a female student who was killed last night after being shot by the regime’s forces.
In their chants, protestors mourned the innocent young student’s murder and declared that they all consider themselves a “Neda.”
People also changed the name of the street she died in (Amirabad Street) to Neda Street.
Thousands of residents of Aryashahr climbed to their rooftops last night at around 22:30 and chanted “God is Great” and “Death to dictator.”
In order to prevent the formation of protests in Enghelab Square, the regime’s anti-riot unit closed off roads leading to the square at 17:00 local time yesterday. The agents also fired tear gas at the crowd that had converged in Kargar Shomali Street (north of Enghelab Square) and was chanting slogans.
In one of the locations, once the size of the crowd increased, suppressive forces decided to escape the scene. They left their batons and shields in order to be able to run away faster.
The State Security Force (SSF), the Special Unit force, and plain-clothes agents came to the scene once more after being bolstered by back up forces. The clashes continued thereafter between protestors and suppressive forces.
At 22:00 local time last night, the people of Mashhad rushed to the streets yet again with the chants of “God is Great,” “Death to dictator,” and “Death to perpetrators of coup d’etat,” clashing with suppressive forces who attacked them.

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