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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Protests in brief Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Protests in brief
Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Student protest in Iran:

Yasuj (southwestern Iran): More than 800 students from the University of Yasuj staged a sit-in at the university in protest to the Iranian regime’s policy of suppression and terror. The act of protest, which began on May 20, lasted until Thursday night, with many students remaining on the campus. The students carried placards, reading, “Students die, but will not surrender.

Tabriz (northwestern Iran): On Sunday, the people of Tabriz staged a gathering in Shahgoli Park, chanting “Death to Khatami,” referring to the mullahs’ former president. They were expressing outrage over the use of an ethnic slur by Khatami insulting Azeri Iranians. The protestors clashed with the regime’s suppressive State Security Force (SSF). A number of them were arrested, according to obtained reports.

Zanjan province (northwestern Iran): Students at the University of Zanjan carried out a protest gathering on Monday, May 25. Some of the placards students carried said, “Every Iranian calls for freedom,” and “Shame on Khatami.”

Arak (central Iran): Students at the University of Arak, disrupted a speech by Zaidabadi, a member of the regime faction tied to former mullahs’ president, Mohammad Khatami. The students carried placards calling for the release of detained student activists. They protested that none of the regime’s factions are true to their words. The regime’s candidates, they said, go as far as supporting women’s rights conventions and calling for the release of detained students, but as soon as getting into power, they forget about their hollow pledges.

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