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Friday, August 28, 2009

"Summary of Some of the Latest News of Thuesday 27 aug..."

"Summary of Some of the Latest News..."

1. Lights out in Tehran, a new problem for the "Tehranis"...

The energy crisis in the country has caused electricity shortages to reach the capital city of Tehran during the final days of summer. Aside from electricity shortages due to wind mills, water generators and solar cells, the civil disobedience of the people is among the major causes of this shortage. The electricity shortages has caused many street lights in Tehran to malfunction. The electricity department has currently turned off many street lights in Tehran and the streets have fallen in total darkness.
Because of security concerns, many streets are virtually impassable in the evenings. This, despite the fact that many workers in the private sector and second shift government employees are usually out and about until 10:00pm.
But currently the electricity shortages have caused major problems for the citizens of the capital city of Tehran.


2. "Destruction of street signs by the security forces in order to stop people from writing slogans on them"

The oppression forces of the regime were forced to remove street signs in Fereshteh Street in Tehran today because of continuous slogans being written on them.

According to reports, the regime forces were repeatedly forced to paint the street signs black to cover "Death to Dictator" and "Death to Khamenei" writings; but each time a new slogan would be written on the signs.... Read More

Finally, the forces removed the signs.

3. "A report of the gathering of a group of merchants at the city council"

On the morning of Monday August 24, a group of merchants on Valiasr Street gathered in front of the city council building to protest the decision to make the street one-way. The merchants are concerned that Valiasr Street turning into a one-way street could mean a reduction... Read More in business. They have asked for a reversal of the decision.

Most people in Tehran are opposed to the decision because they believe it was a political one. It is interesting to note that even though these merchants gathered in front of the city council building from early morning to noon, none of the officials came out to meet them!

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