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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Khamenei's representatives warn about crisis in the clerical regime

Representatives of the Iranian regime's Supreme Leader in various cities have acknowledged the crisis and divisions within the regime as well as the weakened position of its Supreme Leader and warned about the consequences, the state run Fars news agency said on Saturday. Some of the remarks were as follows:

One of the representatives, a Friday prayers leader in Semnan (northern Iran), Shahcheraghi, said: In the Islamic Republic, the formation of a front against the Supreme Leader is condemnable and doomed to fail.

He added: The country is now faced with a big test. We have to try to make sure that this test would not make us get off the train of revolution.

Sarfipour, another Friday prayers leader in Poledokhtar (western Iran) said: The purpose of all this noise was to overthrow the velayat-e faqih (absolute clerical rule) and religious system. Some individuals from these groups espoused secular government.

Sarfipour added: Unfortunately, some of those in the guise of clerics have also expressed ill wishes for the system, and are standing up against the Supreme Leader to defend their individual and political interests. In case the disturbances continue, the downfall of those who wish ill for the state will be certain.

Tabrasi, the regime’s Friday prayers leader in the city of Sari (northern Iran), said: Divisions and tensions are a shame for our nation. Those who support the revolution must ensure that the sphere of the Supreme Leader is protected because if such spheres are eliminated then nothing would remain.

The regime’s Friday prayers leader in Qom (north-central Iran), Saeedi, said: No one has the right to stand up in opposition to the Supreme Leader. Our enemies tried from the outset to destroy the reputation of the Supreme Leader in public opinion using all sorts of various methods.

Saeedi added: Those who hear the Supreme Leader's calls and do not bother to implement them have in effect rejected God's orders and have committed heresy.

He also said: These days some of the insolence [towards Khamenei] comes from those who used to express loyalty to the Supreme Leader. Their remarks generate doubts. When the Supreme Leader says that street marches must end, there is no longer any need for some to motivate people and invite them to the streets.

Khorrami, the regime’s Friday prayers leader in Ardestan (central Iran), said: Our state's legitimacy rests on the Supreme Leader, and today all of us must unite and coordinate our activities in line with the Supreme Leader.

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  1. These morons sound like some caricatures form a dusty, old 8th century book. Their brains are not developed enough to function in 21st century.

    It is not other mullahs who are standing against Khamenie. It is his God. It is his God who has judged him and has found him to be a disgrace and has condemned him. People are only doing what God has asked them to do.

    I do not understand why people in Iran continue to put up with these retarded mullahs. Haven’t these leeches sucked enough innocent blood? I pray that people find courage and buy these robbers and thieves a ticket on the fast train to hell. They can joined Khomeini there and have their darn revolution in Hell. It is time for them to go.

    Here is a good chant for your demonstration: Khamemie, Go to Hell.