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Monday, July 27, 2009

Regimes Guards Insults People, July 26 Tehran, Vali-asr


  1. Please an English translation. You Farsi really need to help us English speakers understand what is being said.

  2. يک پيشنهاده بی خطر و موثر. رسانه شما ايد 1670289
    لطفاً لينک بدهيد

  3. English Translation: The low life security officer is threatening people in store that if they came out to the street he would rip their ass.
    Now my observation: I see Iranian with all their courage sometimes act like sissies. It may be easy for me to say but if I was in that store I would provoke the thug so he would come into the store, then with the help of others lock the store and rip his thug ass and tongue in addition to few other part of his pathetic anatomy and dumped his carcass in the dumpster in the back of store. Again it is hard to say from the video how many back up thugs were with him and if such thing would have been possible to pull off. I, however, have seen, of-course through the videos, Iranian going to the street without carrying any means of self defense. These days streets and people’s homes for that matter are war zone across Iran. Every citizen must be prepared to defend his or her person and their properties. If not, these thugs smell the lack of will on the part of people to fight back and inflict injury on them and they, therefore, will exploit people’s fear to the fullest as this low life did.

    I hope Iranian reader especially those in Iran forgive me for my above remarks. I am very frustrated seeing them being beaten and murdered either in the streets or in the confined of prison walls. Peaceful protest and pacifist attitude work when there are laws on the books and there is a government that acts within the law. Iranian regime and its goons are operating outside of the law.

  4. Trust me, a lot of us share your sentiment. In the eyes of the Iranian, this idiot is still an Iranian brother and would not want to hurt him.