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Thursday, July 23, 2009


June 20, Tehran! Black Saturday!


  1. دوست عزیز من نمیدانم چرا در فیس بوک نمی توانم برایت پیام بگذارم. از همه زحماتت ممنون. با اینهمه وحشی گری و کشت و کشتار که دیده ايم باز نتوانستم این ویدیو را تا آخر ببینم. من نمیدانم بسیجی های مزدور چطور خودشان را راضی میکنند که این بلاها را بر سر جوانان مردم بیاورند.به امید پیروزی-

  2. God save the people of Iran from the vicious killers who are running the country with torture and murder! They are keeping the world in the dark... only you, the Iranian people... can make us aware! DO NOT STOP!
    WHERE IS THE LEGITIMATE MEDIA? Why isn't their a word about this on CNN, MSNBC, FOX.....

  3. Eric,
    Media is in bed with Obama. If Media shows the atrocity in Iran, the electorate will start asking why the heck Obama has his blinders on while people are being slaughtered in Iran. And that is something Media cannot let happen to its darling. They still have thrill up their legs for him.

    I called CNN on July 17 (the day Rafsanjani spoke during Friday prayer), as I was listening to a live broadcast sponsored by Persian Radio Station and reading the English translation. I called CNN because people who were among protesters calling and reporting that security forces were stabbing people who had gathered outside Teheran University. CNN refused to cover the event. I could hear other callers reporting that they too had called CNN and that CNN had refused to report the event. I guess a 2-miilion people protest and report of people being stabbed and shot at was not newsworthy. I know CNN has an Iran Desk with Farsi speaking staff and could have listened to the live stream broadcast and hear people screaming and crying in the background.

    This administration is so wrapped up on the Nuke talk, they cannot see beyond the nuke dust. The sad part is that they will never be able to negotiate with a moron like Khamenei. They do not realize Khamenei and his clan will be worse than Kim Jong Il even if they come to the table. I think we will again be on the wrong side of history on Iran.