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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Phone interview with Milad, brother of Martyr Masoud Hashemi!

This is a phone interview with Milad, brother of Masoud Hashemi, Killed during the Black saturday, June 20!

I have translated this phone interveiw with the brother of one of the Martyr of black saturday, june 20, Masoud Hashemi 27 years old!

This translation my contaion a lots of grammatik mistake, but I do this in memory for Masoud, so people from around the world know about his story!
That not only they killed him, but his family didt even got the chanse to say godbye to him on a proper way!!

Masoud died for Freedom!

It was 6 a clock afternoon June 20. Our Masoud goes out of the house for meeting a friend of him, which was in close to our home, in Shadman street! When I was on the way home from city center, I had seen all the uprising in the city, and I was woried about him, so I went for searching for him in the direction to his friends house for bringing Masoud home! When I reached Nosrat croos-road, I could hear Gun shoot, and I saw several that was hit during this shooting, when I walk in their direction, there was a farmacy between the place I stod and the place I was heading to, and people was brought the wounded once to that farmacy!
When I reached to that Farmacy, I recognized Masoud from his watch on his hand and his ring on his finger, and his cloths! when I saw that it was our Masoud, I was shooked!
When we bring Masoud to that farmasy,2 min after he was shooted at, the health personal confirm that he has lost his life!
At that point we come to that agreement to bring Masoud to a distance City, we searched for a abulance, but it was very difficult, everyone who was in Tehran at that date knows about the situation during june 20!
During this events, our landlord say what was going on, and his son offered to drive us, we got a paper from the doctor, and at night we start to drive to the dictance city, at 05.00 sunday morning we reached our birth place in north Iran, Rasht city! The night before I had contacte my brother to arrange our arrivel, he had informed the city concuol, and friend and family!
But they didnt allow us to bury Masoud, since the told us that the paper was not in order, and the reason of death has to be confirmed by a hospital! Me and my driver went to interrigation about what the situation! and we was arrested to the day after!
And they didnt let me take part in the funeral, and it was very difficult for me!

The Journalist aks which part of the body Masoud was hit?

As I was informed from his friend, he was hited at a croos-road, the bullet hit his heart, and goes trough his lung and goes out from behind his body! And according to the his "death-jourrnal" it happed very quieqly for Maoud, and he died very fast! This was the exact reason, as they told us! They had written, shooted by bullet at heart, lung punkture, and extreamly internal bleeding!!!

Journalist: can you tell us more about the restricton they have put on you? what is the exact restriction that you are talking about?
After the funeral of masoud, june 21, wich I didnt participated in!my family went to our friend place as the tradition... me and the driver was realeased the day after!
On the 22 june, we started to publish about the cermony we was going to have for Masoud! At that afternoon we was onthe way for publishing about this cermony, as it is in the iranian tradition and culture! When we was putting up posters about this event, we was informed that they had taken down our posters from the wall of we just had placed our posters on!
They took down all the posters and at that night, june 22 they contacted me and they ask me if we was going to hold a cermony on the 3. day after death( as its a tradition in Iran), and I said, yes offcourse, our brother has been killed and we have to have this cermony to respect him. They said, no you are not allowed to arrange this cermony, until the reason of the death and our investigation about it is finish you are not allowed to arrange this cermony! they day after we went to talk with them, we talk i some hour, but they didnt give us a good reason to not hold a cermony,they just told us to NOT hold this cermony! If you hold this cermony if will be difficult for both you and your family! Just go back to Tehran and dont stay here anymore! we told them that this is impossible, becouse our beloved in buried here!
They got our signature on a paper that stated that we was not going to hold any cermony, and we only could visit his grave after a sertain clock that are after the date we had planed in the beginning, and dont have any ghatering there!
and in that situation we was at that time, we agreed all this conditions!
We visited Sohrab A`rabis family.It was very nice from mr. Musavi to visit our family, with several from his party, they visited us from organisation for "Mothers for Peace" for my mother!

Masoud was not a guy who was intrested in politic, he was a gentel and humbled person, with a positive energy, he was intrested in art, music,film. He was not part of this political play at all, but I dont know way, he was very interrested in mr. Musavi, and was very sad after the result of this "election".


  1. An artist is drawn to freedom with a spark of courage ignited by the strength of his spirit.

  2. Dangerous to go to work and even try to stay out of the protests. You can still be killed, attacked, abducted.
    Better to protest, and if the worst happens, at least you added your effort.
    My heart is crushed.

  3. According to the website below father and brothers of Masoud Hashmi have been arrested for mourning the passing of their son and brother. There seems to no end to the madness of the Iranian regime!