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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The «Attempt to Proper World for Children Group» office plumbed

Committee of Human Rights Reporters – The " Attempt to Proper World for Children Group" office plumbed by some unknown people. This NGO was work on training and activities related to children, specially street and labour children.

Efforts of this organization’s officials for obviating the obstacles were ineffective and they are still trying to reopen this centre.

This organization was active in children’s matters and problems since 1383.

The "Street and Labour Children Defence Group" office also used to get plumbed by security police last year and reopened after a while.

Forces on NGOs in Iran increased during recent years and security officials suspend socially active NGOs for unspecified reasons.

"Street and Labour Children Defence Group" remonstrated this security officials’ act by issuing a declaration and asked for reopening and obviation of obstacles for this NGO’s activities.

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