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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Ahmadinejad’s Government Calls Protesters a Bunch of Thugs

Ahmadinejad’s Government Calls Protesters a Bunch of Thugs

Yesterday evening, Ahmadinejad reacted to the anti-government protesters which shook the blood-spattering government of the Supreme Leader. He called the protests an American Zionist play. The appointee of the miserable Supreme Leader added, these uproars are a play ordered by the Zionists and Americans- the tickets for the play have already been bought and they are the audience.

AFP: The board of the Islamic Republic issued an inflammatory statement on Tuesday night in which it called Ashoura protesters “a bunch of thugs and remnants of anti-revolutionary groups” who, according to this statement, were “under the illusion of overthrowing the government.”

The statement of the board of Ahmadinejad’s government goes on to say, “What happened in the 1431 Ashura (Lunar calendar) in Tehran is an image of Ashura in the year 61 (Lunar calendar) when all the blasphemy, heresy, and profanity stood against all the righteousness to bring about another disaster through the use of a bunch of thugs and remnants of the whistling and obnoxious anti-revolutionary groups.”

The board of the Islamic Republic government warns the protesters: “Destructive actions and chanting obscene slogans brought about the grief of the noble nation of Iran and the happiness of the world’s Zionist front. This practically lays out a red carpet for the foreigners and undermines national security.”

This statement, which has been issued at the threshold of the anticipated protests on Wednesday, expresses abhorrence of the protesters and offers condolences to Imam Zaman and Ayatollah Khamenei, whom the statement refers to as the “legitimate predecessor” of Imam Zaman.

In this statement, the recent June elections are recalled as “the great referendum” and “a historical no” to the West. The statement promises that “the nation of Iran will one more time put the elements of arrogance back in their place and defeat sedition.”

- Bahaar, Persian2English

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