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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A short report on Shaam-e Ghariban in Shiraz

A short report on Shaam-e Ghariban in Shiraz

Iran Khabar: 3000 people participated in the Shaam-e Ghariban ritual in Shiraz on Ghasr Dasht Street.

People held a candlelight vigil at night for the martyred freedom fighters. The ceremony continued up until midnight despite threats from police. One of the participant said, “Shiraz’s atmosphere is very tense and people are waiting for the right moment to pour out on the streets and finish the job [topple the regime]. This regime is having its final days. They have not yet believed our power.”

In addition to Ghasr Dasht street, many people have gathered at Ghoba Mosque despite the heavy presence of security forces and government thugs.

- Saam Irani, Persian2English

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