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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Karoubi’s Son Reports: “My father is semi-arrested.”

Karoubi’s Son Reports: “My father is semi-arrested.”

Jonbeshe Rahe Sabz (JRS): Hossein Karoubi, the older son of Mehdi Karoubi said, “My father is semi-arrested. It has been a few days that his guards are not taking him out. They are under police command and it is obvious that they are ordered from somewhere. Two days ago my father wanted to the shrine and I had to take him with my own car.

Hossein Karoubi referred to his father’s anger regarding the agents’ behaviour toward the people on Ashura day and added, “My father attended the protests in Khordad of 1967. He said they passed Marmar palace and chanted harsh slogans.”

They chanted: “Khomeini, God protect you, death to your bloodthirsty enemy.” But that day because it was Ashoura, palace guards, police, and security forces did not do anything with them. Only two days after that, they came and took Khomeini and the others. They respected Ashoura, but today they do not.

On Monday, Mehdi Karoubi, in a condolence message to the people, called violence and bloodshed on Ashoura a big sin and tragedy. Addressing government officials, he said, “If you do not have religion, at least be a free man.”

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