Thursday, December 31, 2009

Report on Recent Student Arrests

Thursday December 31, 2009

Bahareh Hedayat, member of the Strength and Unity Council was Arrested Last Night.
According to reports by Amir Kabir, the night before, Information Ministry forces went to the home of the head of public relations of Tahkim student organization to make the arrest. The agents took Bahareh Hedayat’s personal belongings, including her computer.
Mehdi Arabshahi, secretary for Tahkim, was arrested on the day of Ashoura, December 27, 2009. Milad Asadi, a member of the council for Tahkim who was arrested November 30, 2009, remians in Evin prison.
From the day of Ashoura, two members of Tahkim, eight sudents from Amir Kabir University, close to 20 students from Elm o Sanat, three students from Science and Technology Mazandaran, eleven students from Razi Kermanshah University, at least four students from the University of Tehran, at least four students from Sharif University, and an unconfirmed amount of (more than 30) students from Azad University of Mashad have been arrested.

- Maryam, Persian2English

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  1. We are all deeply in debt to those of you who help the world to understand the reality of this nightmare for the brave Persian people. We have not forgotten you and will continually lift you up in our prayers. May the One Living God thoroughly rebuke the illegitmate regime of Iran. May the precious people of Persia live forever free.