Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Regime More Alone and Weaker than Ever: the government's show in Isfahan ended in defeat

Regime More Alone and Weaker than Ever: the government's show in Isfahan ended in defeat

Iran News Agency - December 30, 2009: The reports received indicate that the government's never ending efforts to bring the people to the streets in support of Khamenei and the entire regime have failed. The heads of government who took a hard blow on the day of Ashoura tried in the past two days to strengthen the government's shaking pillars through the use of propaganda in the media and various tricks such as provoking the people's religious emotions by claiming that the protesters insulted Ashura, Islam, and the Qur'an. The people of Iran did not fall prey to this old trick. The people's lack of attention to media propaganda resulted in the presence of only a few hundred of Basij and government mercenaries in Enqelab square of Isfahan.

This ordered gathering and the government's ridiculous show in Isfahan, which was directly shown by the government media, was so fruitless that even the government websites could not cover it up. People's lack of support for the government shows in Isfahan happened while the News Channel or Channel 6 was continuously covering the event from early morning. But even this desperate effort failed to gather people in Isfahan. The reports received from other cities indicate that the condition of the government supporters are critical and only a few are willing to participate in the demonstration in support of the regime. Perhaps the best description of this scene will be when the hand-chosen representatives of the Leader themselves have to go to the streets to save their seats by participating in the demonstrations. In any case, the dictatorial regime is in hard times, and the people's indifference and the public opposition to these dictators have caused these dictators to find themselves more alone than ever.

- Bahaar, Persian2English

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