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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Details on the Murderer of Mir Hossein Mousavi’s Nephew and Martyrs of Ashoura

Details on the Murderer of Mir Hossein Mousavi’s Nephew and Martyrs of Ashoura

Green Way Movement (Jaras): While the Islamic Republic officials claim that martyrs of Ashoura 2009 were killed suspiciously or were assassinated, we have new information about the murderer of Seyed Ali Habibi Mousavi and other martyrs of Ashoura.

Based on eyewitness reports, on the day of Ashoura (December 27) around 1:00pm to 2:00 pm a black van (Make: Patrol, Plate number: 87M752 – Iran 11), which had four plainclothes agents in it, moved with all its speed toward people on Shademan Street. It first ran over two people and passed one of them. The man in the front passenger seat was armed with a colt, and during the action, shot a few times at people. Then he passed Shademan Street in the same manner, turning and going back toward Azadi Avenue. After the van left, a few people were injured and shot at and people went to help them. Evidence proves that Mir Hossein Mouasvi’s nephew was shot and martyred in the same area.

Based on this report, two or three motorcyclists were together with the van and thousands of people who were in Shademan Street saw this and could even identify the murderer.

It is to be noted that passengers of the van, after committing this crime, went into Yadegar Expressway. They stopped in the North to South line, chatted with Basij forces stationed around there and a lot of cars passing also identified this van and its passengers.

Based on eyewitness accounts, the murderer who shot at people with a colt was a 19-20 year old youth who has a beard and a small mustache. He also was wearing a light yellow shirt.

- Arash Azizi, Persian2English

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