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Monday, December 28, 2009

Japan Reports on Massive Anti-Regime Demontrations of Iranians

According to a Japanese reader: Japan’s main media reported on massive anti-regime demonstrations of Iranians.

Japan’s national TV reported that in the process of attacking demonstrators in several cities across Iran, anti-riot guards and plainclothes officials killed at least nine people, including Mir-Hossein Mousavi’s nephew.

According to this news agency, more than 300 protestors were arrested on Sunday. The TV network predicts that given the oppressive policy of the Iranian regime, the anti-regime protests in Iran will increase.

The Japanese newspaper Youmiori reported that the anti-regime protests were not limited to Tehran, and they have spread in different cities. The most important Japanese news paper printed a photo of anti-riot guards running away from protesters. The presence of Iranian citizens in anti-regime demonstrations is incredibly increasing. This news paper also predicts that the protests are growing even further in the near future.

Youmiori wrote, Iranian people brought the Islamic Republic regime to power 30 years ago to establish freedom, equity, and justice. Today, the same regime is oppressing by using violence to sustain.

The news paper wrote that according to eyewitnesses, female and male protestors did not stop shouting “death to Dictator” even when the guards were beating and injuring them severely with their metal batons.

They added that the Islamic Republic of Iran is going to have the same fate as the former monarchy regime known as Shah’s regime, which was toppled by Iranians 30 years ago.

Translation by Saam Irani for Persian2English

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