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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Brutal Beatings of Detainees through the "Horror Tunnel"

HRA News Agency – Prisoners’ Right: Hundreds of civilians arrested during the recent events. Upon arrival at Evin prison they were beaten up while passing through the “fear tunnel.”
According to Human Rights Activists yesterday, 28 December 2009, at least 400 of civilian protesters detained in recent events upon arrival at the Evin prison had to pass through a narrow human tunnel made of military forces based in the prison. Detainees were beaten continuously by batons while passing through the so-called fear tunnel.

Besides the above mentioned inhumane act, a detainee while attempting to escape at the point of the prison entrance was shot in the foot.

The large number of civilian detainees has resulted in an increase in unprecedented violence against the detainees. There has also been an increase in utilizing other buildings in the facility (such as the training center) and an increase in the number of military personnel at the prison.

- Maziar, Persian2English

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