Thursday, December 31, 2009

Emergency in Mashad Universities: Injured Students of Mashad’s Universities Disappear

Emergency in Mashad Universities: Injured Students of Mashad’s Universities Disappear

Jaras Exclusive: Today (Thursday), a day after the bloody attack on Mashad’s Azad University which led to the injury of a dozen students and possible martyrdom of two students, the Special Unit forces, security forces, and thugs known as “Ansar” laid university to a siege, and there is the possibility of them attacking at any moment.

Jaras reports that a number of those arrested yesterday were released, but there is no update on the condition of other arrested students and especially injured students that were brutally taken away in government vehicles.

Last night in protest of the bloody attack on Mashhad’s Azad University, students of Ferdowsi University of Mashad staged spontaneous, limited gatherings. Students of Ferdowsi University have circulated calls for vast protests today and tomorrow at the university. The conditions around Ferdowsi University and its surrounding streets are reportedly under heavy presence of security.

The vast presence of oppressive uniformed and security forces around Ferdowsi and Azad Universities of Mashad is apparent.

Students of Azad University of Mashad are gathering to stage a protest against what took place yesterday.

Some of the student activists of Azad University who have not been arrested yet, together with a number of professors, are trying to find out about the conditions of arrested and injured students in the bloody events of yesterday.

Lack of updates on the conditions of the students of this university that were knifed and injured by security and Ansar forces increases the possibility of two student girls having been martyred. These two were injured around the neck area and were taken away to an unidentified place by plainclothes forces while drenched in blood and unconscious.

Security and Judicial Officials of Mashad were silent on this matter, and by supporting those who assaulted, they have seriously angered the students.

- Arash Azizi, Persian2English

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