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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Ali Kalayi Condemned to a Year of Prison

Ali Kalayi Condemned to a Year of Prison

Human Rights Reporters Committee – Ali Kalayi, a member of the Human Rights Reporters Committee, was condemned to two years of prison by an order from branch no. 10 of the Revolutionary Court.

Ali Kalayi was arrested on December 4, 2007 in front of Tehran University, charged with propaganda against the regime, gathering and conspiring to disrupt the country’s security. He spent 57 days in prison. He was then released with an 800,000,000 Rials (aprox. 80,000 USD-Translator’s note) bail.

Kalayi was found ‘not guilty’ with “membership and support of the groups opposing the regime” and “gathering and conspiracy for disrupting the country’s security” and only charged with a year of suspended prison for “propaganda activities against the regime.” The court’s evidence against him was Kalayi’s writings on his personal blog.

Before, the court hearing was supposed to take place on May 10. He was also previously arrested by Intelligence Ministry authorities and spent two months in Evin prison.

Ali Kalayi has said he will appeal to the court against the issued conviction.

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