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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Iran -Italy: Time has come to strike a blow on Iranian regime, says Italian minister

Rome, December 16 (Apcom)* - "I fully share the concerns of the Minister Frattini on the steady increase in tensions in Iran," said the Italian minister of European Affairs, Andrea Ronchi, in a statement.

"Repression is becoming increasingly serious and the time has come for Europe to strike a blow, putting aside the timidity that has characterized the actions to date. And now it must be heard with greater conviction in defense of human rights, and on the nuclear escalation."

Ronchi said that he is "in constant contact with Iranian exiles in Italy and receive their increasingly worrying news everyday."
"You cannot remain silent any further. The international community must take more effective measures and increase the pressure on the Iranian government."

*This the English translation of the original report in Italian.

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