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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Number of Activists Arrested on the Way to Qom

Number of Activists Arrested on the Way to Qom

Hadi Ghaemi, the speaker of the International Campaign of Human Rights in Iran, said that several of the women’s rights activists are arrested on the way to Ayatollah Montazeri’s funeral. According to Norooz News Agency, the security forces stopped their bus to Ghom and arrested some of them.

According to Norooz, the name of some of the arrested activists is not known, but Shiva Nazar Ahari and Mahboobeh Abasgholizade are among them. According to the Green Waye website, the ministry of security warned the journalists about the consequences of their journey to Ghom and attending the funeral. Some human rights websites stated that Shiva Nazar Ahari, Koohyar Goodarzi, and Said Kalanaki, members of Human Rights Reporters were arrested Sunday night. They were arrested on the way to Ghom along with some political and women’s activists. Security forces stopped their bus at Enghelab square and asked for their identity cards. At the same time, Ahmad Ghabel, in an interview with Radio Farda, said that his brother was also arrested near Neishaboor by security forces. Ahmad Gahbel, one of the reformist theologians, had once been arrested in 2004 by the special Court of Rohanioon (Priests). Some months before, in an open letter to Khamenei, he had criticized him and his political views sharply. He was arrested just a few weeks after the release of his brother, Hadi Ghabel, after 40 months in custody.

On Monday, the body of the great Ayatollah Montazeri was buried. Thousands of mourners gathered. Mir-Hossein Mousavi and Mehdi Karoubi were among them. There were reports of clashes between his fans and government forces.

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