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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Prisoners to be Hanged in Sirjan Kidnapped by their Relatives

Prisoners to be Hanged in Sirjan Kidnapped by their Relatives
The bodies of two prisoners about to be hanged to death were kidnapped by a large number of their relatives in the midst of the execution. It is believed that one of the two is still alive and is staying with one of their relatives.

Herana News – Prisoners Rights: This morning two prisoners named Esmayil Fathalizade and Mohammad Esfandiarpoor were to be hanged publicly for possessing illegal war weapons, robbing Najafshahr Bank, and harassing people. Their decree had been confirmed in the Supreme Audit Court.

In an unprecedented move, relatives of the two prisoners made a lot of noise before the execution began and were even swearing at the officials waiting for the execution to begin. When it began, the entire area was full of stones and police fired air shots and tear gas.

In the midst of all this, relatives successfully kidnapped the bodies. A car that belonged to a spectator also caught on fire.

Fars correspondent in Kerman talked on the phone with Farajolah Kargar, a Sirjan prosecutor. He told Fars about the details of what happened, and discussed future measures in dealing with perpetrators. He said, “We are currently in the process of a meeting with the Providing Council of Sirjan. After we finish, I will contact your news agency.”

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