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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Torturing a female student in Evin Prison

Torturing a female student in Evin Prison

After 34 days of uncertainty, on Sunday December 20th, the family of Sarveh Veisi, 22 year old Kurd student from Alzahra University in Tehran were able to meet her for a short time in Evin prison.

According to Kurdestan News, her family have declared that she is in very hight spirits but has become physically weak, and signs of torture are visible on her face and body. It seems like she has been under a lot of stress and the torturer is planning to force her to confess to their nonsensical accusations against her.

On the same day, the family of Esma'il Ghaderi from Marivan, another imprisoned Kurd student, were able to meet him for the first time. She was arrested along with Sarveh Veisi and five others during the protests against the execution of Ehsan Fattahian on December 16 in Tehran University.

These seven Kurdish students who are imprisoned in section 209 of Evin prison are still without any lawyers and their court date is unknown.

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شکنجه يک دختر دانشجوي کرد در زندان اوين

سرانجام پس از 34 روز بلاتکليفي، روز يکشنبه 29 آذرماه، خانوادهي 'سروه ويسي' دانشجوي کرد 22 ساله دانشگاه 'الزهراي تهران'، توانستند در زندان 'اوين' براي مدت کوتاهي با وي ملاقات نمايند
به گزارش خبرگزاري کردستان، خانوادهي اين دختر دانشجو اعلام نمودهاند که روحيهي وي بسيار بالا بوده اما از نظر جسماني بسيار ضعيف شده و آثار شکنجه بر روي چهره و بدن وي نمايان ميباشد و به نظر ميرسد که به شدت تحت فشار قرار گرفته و شکنجهگران قصد دارند وي را ناچار به اعتراف و پذيرفتن اتهامات بياساس عليه خود نمايند
در همين روز، خانوادهي اسماعيل قادري اهل مريوان، ديگر دانشجوي زنداني کرد نيز توانستند براي نخستين با او را ملاقات نمايند. وي به همراه سروه ويسي و 5 تن ديگر در اعتراضات روز 25 آذرماه دانشگاه تهران عليه اعدام احسان فتاحيان، بازداشت شده بود
اين 7 دانشجوي کرد که در بند 209 زندان اوين، محبوس ميباشند، هنوز از وجود وکيل مدافع، محروم بوده و تاريخ محاکمه آنان نيز مشخص نشده است

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