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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Unclear situation of Majid Tavakoli

Six days have passed since the arrest of Majid Tavakoli, but his family and friends have no news of the place he is being kept at and the situation of this student activist.
Mehdi Arabshahi, a member of Daftare Tahkim Vahdat’s Central Council, demands the release of all jailed students while stressing a need to pay attention to Tavakoli’s situation. He said: “This arrest is a very specific and personal matter. The news coverage of it has to be very broad so people inside and outside Iran will pay attention and the possibility of them harming Majid Tavakoli decreases.”
Ali Tavakoli, Majid Tavakoli’s brother, declared that no institution has yet been accountable for the arrest and case of Majid. He told DW: “They had told him before that we will give you a lesson and will seriously deal with you. But I believe that Majid got a better name and became bigger after this. Now more people know what Majid is doing for freedom and civil rights.”
Majid Tavakoli, a student of ship-building in Amir Kabir University, gave an anti-government speech in a free mic event at the university on December 7th and was subsequently arrested together with three of his friends.
Eyewitnesses said that those who arrested him exited a van and a Peugeot 405 that didn’t have license plate. It happened without violence, eyewitnesses said. Sources close to the government published Tavakoli’s picture wearing a chador and headscarf a day after claiming he had been arrested while trying to run away from authorities wearing female clothing.

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