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Sunday, December 27, 2009

PART 9: Latest News from Iran// Iranians go to Mirdamad

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Brave people of Tehran. Reach Mirdamad Ave whereever you are.

We have received several messges saying to ask all people in Tehran to get to Mirdamad Ave to hold "Shame Ghariban" ceremony (lonely night) and to set fire to the roots of Khamenei. Do not forget. Please join us.

چندين پيام براي ما ارسال شده وگفته اند كه ازهمه مردم قهرمان تهران بخواهيد كه براي برگزاري شام غريبان و آتش زدن ريش وريشه خامنه اي خودتان را به خيابان ميردادماد برسانيد .يادتان نرود
به ما بپيونديد

Basij Station at Hafez Bridge on fire

Azadi Square is filled with fire and smoke. Today students were in the streets and fearlessly attacked regime forces.

ميدان آزادي پراز آتش ودود است
امروزدانش آموزان مدرسه نيز درخيابانها بودند وبي باك به مزدوران حمله ميكردند


Mourners were shot at in Isfahan and Qom

Based on the reports we received, demonstrations took place in Mashad and Qom against the regime. The regime mercenaries shot at people. We do not know the number of fatalities yet.

براساس گزارش هاي دريافتي : درمشهد وقم نيز تظاهراتي عليه يزيد زمانه برگزارشد كه مزدوران برروي مردم آتش گشوده اند ولي ازميران تلفات اطلاعي دردست نيست


Military forces are running people over with their cars

Iran News Agency correspondent

Tehran, 12:40:

People cleaned Valiaser Square from regime forces and occupied the square. Freedom-loving and courageous people of Tehran set the police station there on fire. Mercenary police forces are running people over with their cars and it seems that they have injured three people. Clashes continue.

:خبرنگار آژانس ايران خبر, تهران , عاشورا , ساعت 1240
مردم ميدان وليعصر را ازوجود مزدوران پاكسازي كردند و ميدان را به تسخير خود درآوردند. مردم آزاده و دلير تهران كيوسك نيروي انتظامي را كه درآنجا بود به آتش كشيدند.نيروهاي مزدور انتظامي با ماشين هاي خودشان مردم را زير ميگيرند و تاآنجا كه مشخص است سه نفر ازمردم را زخمي كردند .درگيري همچنان ادامه دارد


More new martyrs for the heroic people of Iran

Based on eyewitness reports, an old man was killed by baton and martyred by baton and rifle butt blows in Azadi region. Also one of the friends saw the dead body of a woman who was shot at and martyred in Shademan Street. However, people are resisting and are courageously setting fire to vehicles of regime forces and are getting their rifles and batons.

به گزارش شاهدان عيني درمنطقه آزادي يك پيرمرد را مزدوران با ضربات باتوم وقنداق تفنگ شهيد كردند
هم چنين يكي ازدوستانم جنازه خانمي را در خيابان شادمان ديده است كه دراثر تيراندازي شهيد شده است
ولي مردم مقاومت ميكنند و دليرانه و سايل نقليه مزدوران را به آتش ميكشند و اسلحه هاي و باتومهاي آنها را ميگيرند


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