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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The clerical regim's suppressive ploys to prevent February 11th protests

In parallel to the widespread detention of political activists in a bid to thwart popular protests on February 11th, the clerical regime’s Ministry of Intelligence and Security (MOIS), in a repulsive measure, has begun distributing forms in education centers asking students to inform on their politically active classmates by writing down their names and particulars. The regime’s attempt to force students to spy on their friends has been met with widespread objections and anger on the part of teachers and parents.

In a separate development, in a show of force and to fill the streets of Tehran with crowds, the regime has arranged free pilgrimages and tours, entitled “the followers of light,” to visit the Massoumeh shrine in Qom as well as Tehran. The aim is to bring civic employees, families of war victims, the paramilitary Bassij members, and underprivileged social groups from the provinces to Tehran and later use them on February 11th to fill Azadi Square.

In a bid to cover up popular protests and expressions of hatred towards the regime, the mullahs’ officials have also set up the journalists’ booth in a way that it looks on to Mohammad Ali Jenah Street in Azadi Square to ensure that anti-regime protests will be out of the reporters’ field of vision. Journalists are not permitted to visit other parts of the city or even other sections of Azadi Square.

By enacting extensive suppressive measures, the regime is doing its utmost to prevent anti-regime rallies from gravitating towards Azadi Square and the location of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s speech. For that purpose, suppressive forces have stationed special units equipped with high pressure water-dispensing vehicles and several layers of anti-riot forces at entry points and streets in the vicinity of Azadi Square.

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