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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

On eighth day of courageous uprising, situation was tense in Lar city

At least 50 people arrested during night raids on Sunday

On the eighth day of a courageous popular uprising in the southern city of Lar on Monday, February 8, the situation remained critical. Widespread arrests of protestors continue, with at least 50 people detained after violent raids at their residences on Sunday at mid-night alone.

The regime’s suppressive forces, dispatched to the city at the request of the Provincial Security Council, have amassed around the city. The regime has supplied gears belonging to anti-riot guards to its local agents and spies to protect them from identification by the locals. The regime has also coerced some shops into opening their doors for business.

On Saturday and Sunday, during clashes between the suppressive forces, including anti-riot guards, on the one hand, and the youth, on the other, a number of buses and vehicles belonging to the regime and the municipality, as well as banks located in the eastern part of the city (Old Lar) were set on fire. Documents and archives at these locations were destroyed. A number of people were injured in the course of the clashes.

In recent days, gas stations have run low on fuel because fuel shipments usually coming from the cities of Shiraz and Bandar-e Abbas to Lar have been stopped on route. In order to pressure the locals, the regime’s forces are preventing the entry of food supplies to Lar.
At least 50 people arrested during night raids on Sunday

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