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Friday, February 5, 2010

Kazem Rezaee Tortured at Intelligence Ministry’s Detention Center

3 months after his arrest, University of Shiraz student, Kazem Rezaee, appeared before the Revolutionary Court with multiple marks of torture and injuries all over his body

RAHANA Prisoners’ Rights Unit – Eyewitnesses who saw Kazem Rezaee last Sunday at the Revolutionary Court in Shiraz, say he had visible injuries on his body caused by torture.
According to a report on Amir Kabir student website, Kazem Rezaee has lost a lot of weight and had multiple marks of torture on his back and stomach as well as his fingers.
Kazem Rezaee was brutally arrested and taken to Intelligence Ministry’s detention center in Shiraz three months ago. He suffered a broken nose during the arrest.
Rezaee’s fellow students are convinced his refusal to accept the charges as well as his high spirits have angered Intelligence Ministry’s interrogators who retaliated by torturing him.

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