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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Family of Fariba Pajouh Concerned about her bad physical and mental

Fariba Pajouh, journalist and blogger who was arrested almost 4 months ago is not in an appropriate physical and mental condition in Evin prison and her family are concerned about her health.
HRA- Prioners’ right unit of HRA in Iran reports that Fariba Pajouh’s family finally visited their daughter in person today. They have had the prosecutor’s letter allowing them to meet her in person but the prison officials would not let them visit her.
Meanwhile, the physical and mental conditions of Fariba Pajouh after almost 4 months since her arrest are not appropriate. One of the reasons for her disease is the cold air inside her cell and inappropriate diet in Evin prison which have made her and several other prisoners ill. These issues have deteriorated her mental and physical conditions and raised serious concerns for her family.
Fariba Pajouh was arrested at her father’s house on August 22 and is still detained despite completion of the case and its reference to the Revolutionary Court.

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