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Sunday, December 27, 2009

PART 5: Latest News from Iran

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Iran News Agency correspondent:

Tehran, 12:00:

Brave and resistant youth of Tehran move from Enqelab Square toward Valiasr. They set fire to a mercenary guard's motorcycle.

خبرنگار آژانس ايران خبر, تهران , عاشورا , ساعت 1200 :
جوانان دلير و مقاوم تهران از ميدان انقلاب به سمت ولي عصر درحركت هستند آنها دراين مسير موتور گاردي هاي مزدور را آتش زدند


People took rifles of the mercenaries who killed a person

Eyewitness report: When mercenaries shot and killed a person, the youth attacked them and seized their rifles and left.
They also stripped mercenaries of their clothes. In Imam Hossein Avenue, in the way to Azadi, people set all garbage cans on fire and attacked military forces.

People’s slogans:
“Hossein, Hossein is our slogan; Martyrdom is an honour for us”, “Death To Dictator,” “Khamenei is a murderer, his rule is invalid.”


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