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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Iran regime's Arabic language TV (Al Alam) taken off air

Iranian regime's Arabic-language television network Al-Alam said on Wednesday it has again been taken off air by a Saudi-based satellite operator Arabsat, Iranian regime’s state-run media reported on Wednesday.

The network had already been removed from the air in November 2009 by Arabsat and Cairo-based Nilesat. The authorities had said that the network’s activities run counter to international media regulations.

Last July Egyptian police inspected the Iran regime’s satellite TV network office in Cairo and confiscated its equipments and computers.

Al-Alam's main station is based in Tehran and run by IRIB - the Iranian state radio and TV service. It broadcasts on terrestrial airwaves to Iraq, as well as via satellite. The transmissions are believed to be broadcast from a TV relay station on high ground in Iran overlooking parts of Iraq.

Al-Alam's managing director in 2003, Hasan Beheshtipur has said that the purpose of the channel is to present the viewpoints of the Islamic world and "counter the monopolization of news channels by western countries".

He said "the network plans to fill the existing vacuum in news dissemination in today's world".

Al-Alam is highly active in Lebanon and Iraq promoting Islamic fundamentalism in the region.

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