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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Ali Saremi’s daughter writes a message: “Hail to Ali Saremi, the Lord of Honour”

A message from Zeynab Saremi, daughter of Ali Saremi who has been behind bars for 23 years, in the hope of the release of all political prisoners.

[Ali Saremi, one of the longest serving political prisoners in Iran has been recently sentenced to death]

Hail to Ali Saremi, the Lord of Honour

I cannot call you father, because you transcend titles. I cannot call you “my” father, because I will imprison you in the walls of my pride. You are not the type who accepts fences and walls.
Dear father, being a slave to oppression and being a fish out of water is perhaps more painful than the noose around the necks of those living in hardship. We see thousands of them face to face every day in the waiting halls of prisons.
It is like issuing a death sentence to the word freedom.
If Nelson Mandela, after 20 years imprisonment of wanting freedom for his country, had been executed, what would have happened to his land today?
Why my father?

My father has been in jail for the past 23 years under different pretexts. Why was he kept away from the public eye? What has he done that he is to be executed? Why did they want him hidden, and now he is not even able to be?
If anyone knows the answers, tell me.

And do you think my father is the only one?

“Let us assume that you do hit and beat,
Let us assume that you do take away,
Let us say that you kill,
What will you do with the new sprout inevitable to rise?”
Zeynab Saremi
January14, 2010

Translation by: Siavosh J.

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