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Friday, January 15, 2010

At least 10 people were arrested in anniversary of Lotfollahi’s death in Sanandaj

Human Rights Activist News Agency (HRANA):
Today (Thursday, January 14) at noon, the second anniversary of the martyrdom of Ebrahim Lotfollahi was held at his grave, under tight security measures. The ceremony was organized by his family and the Kurdish Students Democratic Union.

According to Kurdistan Rights Watch news agency, security and police forces had surrounded the gates of Behesht Mohammadi cemetery and the area around the tombstone of Ebrahim Lotfollahi since an hour prior to the start of the ceremony to prevent large presence at his grave. In addition, plain-clothed agents were filming the participants of the ceremony. However, the police confiscated the cellular phone of Ebrahim’s sister because she was using it to film the gathering. This move by the police resulted in verbal quarrel between Lotfollahi’s family and the police.

In this ceremony which was attended by groups of citizens from Sanandaj (Iranian Kurdistan province capital located in western Iran), and some students activists from cities like Sanandaj, Kermanshah, Orumieh, and Marivan, the plain-clothed agents arrested at least 10 people whose names follows:

Mokhtar Zarei (Member of central board of United Kurdish Front), Mehdi Doagoo, Loghman Ahmadi, Khalil Shahbazi, Seevan Adaak, Dara Hosseini (secretary and members of Kurdish Democratic Union), Azad Lotfuri, Omid Sheikhi.

Ebrahim Lotfollahi, a Law student at Payam-e Nour University of Sanandaj, was arrested on January 5h, 2008 by the Intelligence officers of the city, and 10 days later, the news of his death was delivered to his family. Although Intelligence Office of Sanandaj announced that suicide was the cause of his death, it is said that he lost his life as a result of torture he suffered at the hands of his interrogators.
Translation by: Siavosh,

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