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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Family of Milad Asadi visit him in prison

HRANA News – Prisoners Rights: Milad Asadi was arrested on November 30th and has spent the past 46 days in a 2×2 meter isolation cell in Evin prison.

According to ADVAR news and statements made by Milad, the process of investigation had stopped before Ashura. After the events on Ashura, Milad was denied contact with his family and the inquiries were renewed, and with new investigators.

Milad Asadi is under psychological pressure in the second round of investigations. He has been called for questioning 10 times in the past two weeks.

According to his family, Milad is objecting the length of the time he has been put in an isolation cell and claims it illegal.

In the past, the University of Khajeh Nasir student Milad Asadi, along with four other union members and family members, was arrested during the New Year event at Evin Prison. Milad and other union members were also arrested in September in a gathering at Jamshidieh Park.

Translated by: Golrokh,

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