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Monday, January 11, 2010

Kamran Asa, Kianoush Asa’s brother Transferred to Ghazal Hesar Prison

Kamran Asa transferred from Evin to Ghazal Hesar prison one month after his arrest.

Human Rights Watch News of Kurdistan: Kamran Asa, brother Kianoush Asa who was killed in recent events, was transferred to Ghazal Hesar prison of Karaj during the mass transfer of a group of Evin prisoners to other prisons of Tehran province in past few days. He is currently held in the section of convicts with heavy crimes.

Kamran Asa was arrested on Dec 7 when he was intending to enter Elm Sanat University to attend his brother’s commemoration.

Despite the medical certificate indicating his heart condition, which was presented to branch 28 of revolutionary court by his family, judge Moghiseh refused to free Kamran Asa.

Kamran’s immediate family are extremely concerned about his health condition and his recent transfer to Ghazal Hesar prison.

Mondat, Jan, 11, 2010
Iran Press News

Translation by: Mana S.,

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