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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Nephew of the Head of Iran’s Administrative Justice Court among those scheduled for execution

Nephew of the Head of Iran’s Administrative Justice Court among those scheduled for execution

Following the vast uproar during Ashura, a wave of terror was brought about by reports from government sources announcing 300 arrests while independent sources announced over 1500 arrests.

There are disturbing reports from Eshrat Abad Prison (which some believe is a new place of torture to take the place of Kahrizak) of inhumane treatment of female prisoners.

Amir Kabir newsletter reports that another important matter of ’Bloody Sunday’ [Ashura] is the arrest and death of relatives of some well-known figures in the country. One of the cases is Amir Arshad Tajmir, the son of television host Shahin Mahinfar. Another more recognized case is the arrest of Hossein Mahmoodi, a relative of Hojatoleslam Montazeri; this case has been kept secret.

A source close to Hojatoleslam Mohammad Jafar Montazeri, head of Iran’s Administrative Justice Court said that Montazeri’s nephew who is one of those arrested on Ashura was questioned without having the chance to call a lawyer, and his name is now in the list of those to be executed.

Medical student Hossein Mahmoodi was detained in Tehran on Sunday, December 27th while participating in anti-government rallies. His familiy was not aware of his whereabouts until he finally informed them.

The family of Hossein Mahmoodi contacted Hojatoleslam Montazeri, who is in contact with the Judiciary, wishing to put a stop to their son’s execution, but there has been no reply to the request. Amir Kabir Newsletter states that this matter has
also been reported to Sadegh Larijani, the head of the Judiciary.

After it was confirmed that Hossein Mahmoodi’s name is on the list of those accused of violence and sentenced to death, some changes were made to the list.

This informed source claims that Hojatoleslam Montazeri and other members of his family are trying to keep this matter secret.
On January 14th Hojatoleslam Montazeri wrote a letter thanking those who participated on Ashura. The letter was published in IRNA news.

Sadegh Larijani appointed Jafar Montazeri as the head of Iran’s Administrative Justice Court last September.

Friday, January 15, 2010
Amir Kabir Newsletter

Translated by: Neda Shayesteh,

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