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Saturday, January 9, 2010

A Speedy Trial for Majid Tavakoli to Deal with Students more Immediately

A Speedy Trial for Majid Tavakoli to Deal with Students more Immediately

The case of Majid Tavakoli was illegally held on January 3, 2010, without the presence of his lawyer.

According to Amir Kabir newsletter, the court charged Majid Tavakoli with the following: “engaging in activities in favour of opposition groups, thus acting against the government,” “insulting the Supeme Leader,” ” insulting the president,” and “participating in gatherings that act against national security.”

Majid Tavakoli was interrupted several times in court when he tried to defend himself. Verbal conflicts erupted in the court as a result.

A short part of the court hearing was shown by Iran’s state media IRIB. Judge Salavati, the judge of branch 15 of the Revolutionary court asked him,”If you had no premeditated plan, then how come you went out with a hijab?” Majid Tavakoli responded, “My actions did not need a premeditated plan.” After this, the public prosecutor read out his charges.

After the court hearing, Majid Tavakoli contacted his family for the first time after his detention. He said, “Apparently, this court was supposed to be completely recorded and broadcast, but due to verbal disputes with the judge regarding the process of the court and prosecution, they did not air it.”

Majid Tavakoli informed his family that the court process has finished and that they have almost reached a verdict.

Majid Tavakoli’s lawyer contacted branch 15 of the Revolutionary Court to obtain the file of the case, but judge Salavati did not release any information.

Majid Tavakoli’s speedy trial was during a time when the possibility of student protests have again increased.

Judges like Salavati who are cooperative with the judiciary, the Revolutionary Guards, and different parts of government have issued heavy sentences for protesters in recent months. Heavy sentences intend to stop student protests.

- Mana S., Persian2English

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