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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

300 “Ashura Prisoners” Transfered to Revolutionary Guard Ward

300 “Ashura Prisoners” Transfered to Revolutionary Guard Ward

Based on reports received by Human Rights and Democracy Activist in Iran, on Thursday, December 31st, during the middle of the night, around 300 people arrested on Ashura [December 27th] were transferred to solitary confinement cells in section 8 (also known as Revolutionary Guard) of Gohardasht Prison (located in Karaj, a suburb in Tehran).

The arrested individuals were handcuffed and black plastic bags were thrown over their heads. They were tortured so severely that they had difficulty walking and moaned constantly from excruciating pain.

All the political prisoners, students, and civil activists are transferred to this ward upon their arrival and they are held in solitary confinement for several months.

Section 8 of Gohardasht, known as the Revolutionary Guard ward, is directed by Ministry of Intelligence interrogators. The prison conditions here are far worse than that of section 209 of Evin prison [which is infamous for horrific conditions]. Among the interrogators who harass and torture political prisoners in this section are Mohebbi and Reza Arefian. The prisoners can only have a visit with their loved ones if these two individuals grant permission. These two interrogators also harass, threaten, and pressure the families of political prisoners.

Human Rights and Democracy Activists in Iran emphasize that the prisoners transferred to this ward are in serious danger of being subject to torture that would result in [false] confessions, and later on, harsh punishment in courts.

We request from the High Commissioner of Human Rights and other international organizations to act urgently and effectively to save the lives of political prisoners in Iran.

Human Rights and Democracy Activists,

January 5, 2010

- Siavosh, Persian2English

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