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Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Four Kurdish Citizens in Border Region Have Been Killed and Injured

HRANA – National Rights: At least four Kurdish citizens were shot and killed or injured by security forces in the Western part of the country.

Kurdish Committee of HRA reports that at around January 4 and 5, as a result of shooting by security forces towards border residents, at least four citizens were killed and injured.

According to reports from January 4, in the area of “Baleh Soor”, a region of Aland, as a result of shooting by security forces in said region, a Kurdish citizen named Mohsen (last name unknown) was killed instantly. Likewise, on the same date, in the border region of “Haj Omran” another citizen named Samkoo (last name unknown) was hit by a bullet shot by security forces and severely injured.

The above report adds that on January 5, in the border area of “Mir Omar”, a region of Ghotoor Shahre Khoy also a group of Kurdish citizens became the shooting targets of security forces, as a result of which, two Kurdish citizens by the names of Jafar Babazadeh and Ebrahim (last name unknown) were murdered.

It is important to note that security forces misuse the cover of the war on drugs and smuggling to engage in direct shooting of citizens in the name of stakeouts, patrols and border control. In most instances negligence, undue use of deadly force and disregard of the law lead to use of weapons which cause the murder of border citizens.

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