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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Khamenei’s Representative in Revolutionary Guard: It is worth killing 75,000 people to save the regime

Green Road Movement (Jaras): Ali Saeedi, Ayatollah Khamenei (Iran’s Supreme Leader)’s representative in Revolutionary Guard has said that by taking into consideration the number of people killed in the three wars led by Imam Ali (whom Shiites consider the first successor of Prophet Mohammed) back in 7 A.D., it is worth killing 75,000 people to protect and save the Islamic regime.

Based on historical sources, in Safein, Nahran, and Jamal wars, which took place during the reign of Imam Ali, more than 70,000 people were killed.

Ali Saeedi who was speaking in a conference on defense methods against the soft war [the term used by the regime to describe the civil movements in Iran], targeted the statement made by Rafsanjani a while ago that: “if people do not want the rulers, the rulers have to give up power”. Saeedi said that such reasoning belonged to the time when the Islamic Rule was in the process of being formed [and not when it has already been established].

He added: “If Iran is surrounded by the US, and if we have to subsist only on a loaf of bread and 100 grams of cheese, it is still worth to defend our ideals and protect the revolution”.

Saeedi elsewhere in his speech, referred to event in the aftermath of the June election, and stated that the seditionists do not have even the slightest regards for their own leaders anymore.

He criticized that some of the prominent figures who have opted for silence in recent months, and claimed that 10% of these people have defected, and the other 90% are in line [with us].

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