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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Stoning Sentences Upheld for Two Citizens in a Case of Adultery

According to Prisoners Unit of Human Rights Activists in Iran, branch 12 of Court of Appeal of Western Azarbaijdan province has upheld the death by stoning of two defendants accused of adultery.

Mr. Vali Janfeshani and a woman co-defendant whose name has not been released, had previously been sentenced to death by stoning for committing adultery. The sentence was approved and upheld last Wednesday (January 6) by the provincial Court of Appeal.

Currently, the two defendants are held in the central prison of Orumieh (in North West of Iran). It must be added that in addition to the vague and ambiguous judicial process resulting in this sentence, the defendants were deprived of the right to choose their own defense lawyers, and therefore were not able to adequately defend themselves.

The punishment of death by stoning is considered one of the most prominent issues of concern and objection for human rights activists. The punishment not only involves the issue of death sentence, but it is also considered an inhumane and torturous method of execution.

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