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Thursday, January 14, 2010


Kaveh Kord Moghaddam, Political Prisoner Detained in Oroomiyeh Central Prison and Suffers from Cancer Is Denied Medical Attention

HRANA – Prisoner’s Rights: One of the political prisoners in Oroomiyeh Central Prison is denied medical attention despite suffering from cancer.

Prisoner’s unit of HRA reports that Kaveh Kord Moghaddam, political prisoner from Ashnaviyeh, who was arrested on charges of working with a Kurdish opposition party in 2007 and sentenced to three years imprisonment suffers from advanced stages of cancer.

This prisoner who has served two years of his sentence suffers from cancer of the stomach and intestines and significantly this fact was verified by the state medical examiners. However, despite this issue, the authorities continuously oppose the granting of medical leave or conditional release of this prisoner. His illness has advanced that parties well informed of his condition express that without change in the condition and with continued denial of medical care, said prisoner will only have a few weeks to live. In addition to putting psychological pressure on this prisoner, this issue is of grave concern to his family.

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