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Monday, January 11, 2010


At Least 400 Prisoners Were Transferred from Evin Prison to Other Prisons Over the Past Two Days

HRANA News Agency – Prisoner’s Rights: Over the past few days at least 400 regular prisoners of Evin Prison were transferred to other prisoners.

The Prisoner’s Rights unit of HRANA reports that per orders of the relevant authorities, on Saturday and Sunday of his week (January 9 and 10) at least 400 prisoners were moved to other prisons in the State of Tehran in two removal stages of 100 and 300.

Transferred prisoners are convicted of charges of blood money, failure to pay dowry, alimony and similar charges, all of whom were moved to other prisons in the State of Tehran under heavy security. At the time of this report, the tranfer of prisoners still continues.

The Judiciary’s refusal to free protesters arrested during the recent events and the increasing number of detained citizens together with the security establishment’s need for a stable and concentrated location for the containment and oversight of such detainee, who comprise the vast majority of Evin Prison’s occupants, have forced Evin prison to undergo operational and structural changes. This prison was previously transformed to an exclusively political prison in the 1980’s.

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