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Monday, January 11, 2010

Mehdi Mahmoudian Beat in Prison

Jaras: One of Mehdi Mahmoudian’s relatives warns of the political prisoner’s critical condition after being tortured by forces.

In an interview with Jaras, a relative of Mehdi Mahmoudian (a member of the announcement committee of Jebheh Mosharekat) announced that he had a chance to visit Mehdi last Thursday. He said that officials permitted Mehdi to use the bathroom after six hours, with terms and conditions. Since Mehdi suffers from kidney problems, he had to ask to use this facility more often. The officials instead opened the doors and followed him in to bite him. After, they transferred him to a cold and roofless room. Mehdi was only permitted to wear underwear.

His relative said that slap marks were visible on his face and one of his eyes was injured.

Mehdi Mahmoudian was arrested on September 16, 2009, but they are still not transferring him to the public section of the prison and no court date has been set.

Translation: Azadeh A.,

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