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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Saeed Mortazavi Named as Main Suspect in Kahrizak Case

Saeed Mortazavi Named as Main Suspect in Kahrizak Case

The special delegation of parliament assigned to investigate the Kahrizak detention centre scandal has named Saeed Mortazavi as the main suspect.

Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA): Finally, after months of investigation, The Special Parliamentary Delegation to investigate Kahrizak events finalized and approved (by a majority) its report.

Alef website directed by Ahmad Tavakoli wrote:

To prepare the report that was presented to the parliament today (Wednesday), a visit was made to police detention centres where detainees as well as police and judicial officials were interviewed.

According to Alef’s website, this report blames Saeed Mortazavi as the main culprit. Mortazavi, former chief prosecutor of Tehran, was put in charge of Kahrizak detention centre by the head of Judiciary.

Mortazavi personally signed the order to transfer the protestors arrested on July 9th to Kahrizak. Three young men, Mohsen Rouholamini, Amir Javadifar, and Mohammad Kamrani died as a result of violent treatments and unsanitary environments. They were also beaten by police, security agents, and thuggish prisoners acting under their command.

The Judicial Organization of Armed Forces issued a statement on December 18th which announced that the death of the three detainees in Kahrizak Prison was murder as a result of battery. 12 people have been found guilty in the case.

Saeed Mortazavi has been transferred, by request from the government, from Judiciary to a government post. Starting today, he heads the body responsible for the fight against smuggling.

It is expected that the report will be read in the parliament sometime next week.

The names of some of the members of the committee who prepared the report are as follows:

Aghazadeh (MP for Rasht), Asadollahi (MP for Torbat-e Jam), Elahian (MP for Tehran), Broujerdi (MP for Broujerd), Tajari (MP for Ghasr Shirin), Jalali (MP for Shahrood), Rezaei (MP for Majedsoleyman), Sarvari (MP for Tehran), Sanaei (MP for Nahavand), Alikhani (MP for Qazvin), Karami (MP for Kerman), and Karami Rad (MP for Kermanshah).

- Siavosh, Persian2English

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