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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Student protest continue across Iran

Hundreds of students of Tehran's Sharif University of Technology staged a protest on Saturday chanting "Free all political prisoners," "Students are prepared to die but not surrender to humiliation." A number of paid agents of the regime in the university tried to break the boycott but the students persisted on their demands for the release of their detained friends.

Simultaneously, hundreds of students at Tehran's National University held a gathering calling for the release of their detained fellow students. The regime's agents tried to intimidate the students by filming their protests.

On Friday evening, students residing in a dormitory of Tehran's Amir Kabir University protested against the arrest of twelve students and summoning of over 170 of their friends by the university's repressive organ. They chanted "Allahu-akbar," "Down with dictator," and "free detained students."

During the last week, Tehran's Polytechnic University students refused to participate in their midterm examinations in protest against arrest of twelve of their classmates and attack by plainclothes agents on the university's dormitories. The move escalated daily despite threats and pressures by various suppressive organs of the Iranian regime and widespread summoning of students.

Students of School of Development in Khajeh Nasir Toosi University and School of Arts also joined the student protests in Tehran. The boycotting of exams are still continuing in many schools even though the regime has resorted to a ridiculous threat of failing them in their courses, in order to break their protests.

On Thursday, January 7, students in University of Karaj staged a protest and tore off their exam papers. They were protesting against the arrest of nine students and suspension of a number of others and heightening of suppressive measures in the university following the uprising on the holy day of Ashura, December 27.

Ferdowsi, Azad, Sajjad and Khayam universities in the city of Mashhad were also the scenes of protests in recent days. Students were protesting against brutal attacks by club wielders and plainclothes agents and arrests of their fellow students that followed Ashura uprising. On January 5 in Khayam University, students chanted “Death to dictator” and “free detained students.” The suppressive forces attacked the students and arrested 35 of them. At least seven of them are female students.

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