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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Tehran’s prosecutor announced today the cases of five individuals accused of being members of the PMOI

Abbas Jaafari Dowlat Abadi, Tehran’s Prosecutor, announced today that the cases of five individuals accused of Moharebeh [waging war on God] have been referred to the Revolutionary Court. He claimed that these individuals were members of the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI) and accused them of “organizing the crimes committed on the day of Ashura” and “attempting effectively to break the structure [of the regime] on that day,” according to official news agency IRNA, Friday, January 8.

The clerical regime that is rapidly moving on the course of its downfall is trying in vain to prevent spread and deepening of the nationwide uprising by executing political prisoners and those detained in the uprising. Execution of political prisoners, killing of demonstrators on streets, torture and rape of the detainees and prisoners in dungeons like Kahrizak, would only reinforce the Iranian people’s resolve to continue and intensify their uprising to consolidate the complete change of the ruling dictatorship.

During the past few months, the regime has been trying to prepare the grounds for execution of detainees of the uprising by organizing kangaroo trials and extracting forced confessions. Following the uprising on the day of Ashura, a range of officials of the regime described people who have revolted against the regime as Mohareb [fighters against God] punishable by execution. According to the regime’s barbaric law, Mohareb is punishable by execution in various forms such as hanging, amputating right arm and left leg, and sending to exile.

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