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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Iran-Iraq: MPs denounce Mottaki's visit

Some 30 members of the Iraqi Parliament in a joint statement condemned visit by Iranian regime's foreign minister, Manouchehr Mottaki, to Iraq. They called on Iraqi Government to implement clear and decisive stand against Iranian regime's aggression.

Text of joint statement by 30 Iraqi MPs, January 7, 2010:

Following the visit by Iranian Foreign Minister and Iranian regime's aggressions against our territory in water and soil, we, members of the Iraqi Parliament, emphasize the following provisions:

1. The Iranian side to withdraw from the Fakka oil field and the Iraqi government rejects any negotiations until the occupation of the oil field has been ceased.

2. The Iraqi government must take a clear and decisive position against the Iranian regime's meddling since the occupation of Fakka is a violation of the Iraqi sovereignty and an insult to the feelings of Iraqi people. We firmly reject making any concessions on Iraq's national rights and sovereignty.

3. The Iranian regime's aggression against regional Iraqi waters and the arrest of Iraqi fishermen must cease.

The Iranian regime should be made aware of the fact that it cannot gain anything by meddling in Iraq.

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