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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Another innocent victim of the Ashura protest

Another innocent victim of the Ashura protest

Mostafa Kareembeigi, 27, the only son in his family, was killed by a single bullet to his forehead. On his body was no sign of bruises, injury, or broken bones, other than a hole in the forehead.

His family had repeatedly been threatened not to hold any memorial services. Mostafa’s personal items, including his cell phone, have remained in police custody despite his family’s requests for their return.

On Wednesday, January 13th, the family was contacted in the afternoon to confirm the location of the burial at Behesht Zahra cemetery. His body was buried a few hours later, at night. His mother was in a terrible state.

According to one of Mostafa’s friends, he had once said to a group of his friends that he had given up his life [to achieve victory] in this struggle. He said, “We all have to be this way when we see how they kill our sisters and brothers. We have to continue down this road until we are free. We have to win our freedom.”

Translation by: Siavosh J.

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